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Baker's Zoo Biscuits #JOUBISKIT

A creative concept was developed in the form of the #JouBiskit social campaign, designed to celebrate South Africans and their everyday achievements through the historical fun and excitement associated with Zoo Biscuits. By creating a digital campaign in the form of dynamic digital billboards, an online Zoo biscuit generator and social media sharing all focused around the phrase "You Biscuit!", it allows small wins to become important again and helps to foster positivity, by recognizing everyday heroes and local role models.






Digital Design
Graphic Design

The challenge

To conceptualize an interactive digital campaign which brings positivity back into people's lives using the classic Baker's Zoo Biscuit brand as a base.

Our solution

We are constantly reminded negative issues facing us daily, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. In response an interactive digital campaign was created. The campaign was designed around the key phrase, ‘Jou Biskit!’. In colloquial terms, it is a South African phrase of endearment or support. To show this we replaced the traditional zoo animals found on Baker’s iconic biscuits with the names of everyday heroes. Allowing for users to generate messages of encouragement through an online generator which can be shared to their friends or colleagues on social media and on outdoor digital billboards.