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Hike SA App Design

Hike SA is a mobile app for Hiking in South Africa that aims to grow the local hiking community by offering convenient and detailed information on hiking trails in a fun and interesting way that is accessible for beginners and experts alike. A casual hand-drawn edutainment experience was designed to showcase Hike SA's main focus of adventure tourism and educating casual hikers and tourists on popular local trails, flora and fauna, as well as what types of activities there are on these trails and how they can be best enjoyed.




Hike SA


App Development
UI / UX Design
2D Animation
Educational App

The challenge

The purpose of this brand communication is to generate interest in the Hike SA brand and local hiking trails / tourism through a fun, interactive and effective educational entertainment experience (edutainment).

Our solution

Hiking is exploring a never-ending trail at your own pace. Hiking is a simple, fun, spontaneous, unscripted adventure that is made up of small beautiful moments in nature that soothe the soul and take away your stress.

These motivations for hiking form the basis of the concept which is to simulate the memorable moments that hikers would have, the activities they would participate in and the feelings they would experience. By focusing on these small moments that the casual hiker (target market) values more than statistical data, we can effectively immerse them in the experience of hiking before they even leave home. This will generate excitement, encourage further engagement and help them to destress through simple but highly relevant interactive educational content. The customer will also be able to explore these moments at their own pace, creating a customized stress-free edutainment experience of which the user can choose what they want to engage with based on their interests. All of this together will encourage them to Hike more and worry less by educating users in a unique, relaxing and fun way that is ideal for the casual hiker.