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Every Thread Counts - ICRC Campaign

A campaign was developed for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), this campaign was selected as a finalist in the 2020 ICRC MotD charitable competition. The campaign involved a two-minute commercial and interactive infographic which was created to raise awareness for what the ICRC does within the African continent. The main idea for the commercial and additional deliverables was based off the insight that clothing is universally recognised by people of all cultures, tribes and religions (especially across Africa) and is used as a form of self-identification and definition. In the case of mass casualty events, clothing is one major way in which bodies can be identified by loved ones or community members, especially in poverty-stricken regions where the deceased are often not carrying any identifying documents and have no medical or dental records.




Red Cross (ICRC)


Stop Motion

The challenge

A an empathetic campaign was needed for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to raise awareness for those lost or missing in mass casualty events. Additionally, easy to understand infographics and deliverables were needed for ICRC volunteers to understand how to correctly handle the deceased after mass casualty events.

Our solution

During conflict and other disaster situations, people are often seperated and displaced. In these terrible situations, even though loved ones are separated from one another, they still have hope and an unbreakable emotional bond that connects them. We wanted to explore this bond and the connection between people in times of unimaginable difficulty. We visualised this bond as a thread and realised that there is a story, a person and a life behind every article of clothing, personal possession or deceased person left in the wake of a humanitarian disaster. We aimed to show people that there is a life behind every thread and use this as a metaphor for how we are all connected in the event of a humanitarian disaster.