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Krispy Kreme April Fools Campaign

A limited-edition April Fool's campaign was created for the Krispy Kreme brand and their South African customer base. This campaign was designed to be humourous and is inspired by five famous South African foods. Each doughnut was illustrated by hand and digitally enhanced to create various adverts and social media campaigns. This created a believable and humourous campaign and assisted Krispy Kreme (A US brand) to interact and integrate with South African culture and customers effectively.




Krispy Kreme


Campaign Design
Graphic Design


The challenge

An illustration-based April Fool’s marketing campaign created for Krispy Kreme and their famous products was needed to help excellarate the brand's growth in the South African market. This campaign was intended to be an April Fool's joke and was created to make South African consumers feel like Krispy Kreme understands their culture, wants and needs.

Our solution

A creative April Fool's campaign was created for Krispy Kreme. The idea for the campaign was based around the creation of a new product line, which was inspired by South African cuisine. This hoax product line named the ‘Flavours of South Africa’, featured five new doughnuts to be released on the 1st of April for a limited time. These humourous and limited-edition doughnuts were to be made from the actual ingredients used in five famous South African dishes that each relate to various South African cultures such as Afrikaans, Zulu and Indian. This campaign involved high-quality illustrations and various social media campaigns and adverts.