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Skill-It App Design & Campaign

Research shows that many people find formal education stressful and learning is hampered when students feel indimadated by an instructor or are fearful of peer judgement. Skill-It aims to make online learning less uncomfortable by helping to connect informal students and teachers and show people that you don't always have to learn from a master in the field in order to make progress. A simple, fun and highly functional mobile app was designed to help facilitate this type of online learning and the teaching of skills and hobbies.






3D Illustration
UI / UX Design
3D Animation
App Development
Social Media Video

The challenge

With the world shifting to work & learn remotely after the Covid-19 Pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for learning new skills and hobbies online, especially cooking, baking, fitness, music, arts & crafts and other creative outlets. However, formal learning or learning from well-known figures in industry / celebrities in particular, can be intimidating for beginners or students looking for a more casual learning experience without stress or perceived judgement.

There is also no shortage of professionals or semi-professionals who could teach online to supplement their incomes after financial challenges created by the global pandemic, rather, there is a lack of infrastructure to connect students to these informal and more affordable tutors.

Our solution

To help connect informal students and teachers, Skill-it was designed as a fun, easy to use and convenient application for learning new skills or getting help with existing topics while simultaneously helping to improve lives through education.

The concept is “Learn from anyone” and aims to show people that you don’t always have to pay a lot at a formal institution or to a professional coach in order to learn something. You also don’t have to go through the stress of learning from a “master”. There are talented people out there from all different industries with unique knowledge and skills that are looking to supplement their incomes and who could help you with your very specific challenge.

The campaign utilises 3D illustrations and short animations that portray stressful learning experiences where a recognizable famous figure from different industries is the tutor. For example, Gordon Ramsay in chef whites with his signature wrinkled forehead, shouting at a student while his pan is on fire, showcases why many students feel formal learning can be uncomfortable. The use of humour, bright colours and a casual overall user experience was designed to appeal to the young audience and mitigate any stress or intimidation related to learning a new skill.