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Zari Website Design & Campaign

Zari Sparkling Grape is 100% pure, cold-pressed & alcohol-free with no added sugar. The Zari collection provides a high quality alcohol alternative that seeks to simulate the experience that consumers have with alcoholic champagnes/wine. To showcase the beauty of Zari's craft, a new website was created and a campaign that encourages people to celebrate every moment, big or small.






Website Development
UI / UX Design
Campaign Design
Customer Experience
Social Media


Our solution

A microsite was created for Zari that supports the existing website and serves as a platform for telling the story of Zari’s quality craft and providing the backend functionality for an augmented reality (AR) experience. The website scrolls horizontally instead of vertically and has a golden thread / Zari line in the background which guides the user through the story. The design of the microsite is meant to have a luxurious and premium aesthetic to further create associations in the minds of consumers that the product is sophisticated and premium. Taking inspiration from the pattern on the Zari packaging, illustrated small special moments in the craft process were included as line art. For example, hand picking grapes, the vineyard, the press machine or glasses for a toast. Sections are included on each page that describe the ingredients used, the product feature or parts of the process and this is done to celebrate every moment of the craft, showing the refined moments that go into making Zari & telling the story of the product.

One of the main website features will be a virtual 360° tour of various parts of the product process such as the vineyard, grape picking and crushing processes as well as the tasting room. This will serve to further immerse the viewer in the craft process and will be an entertaining way of learning more about the quality and passion that goes into making Zari. Users will be able to navigate the 3-Dimensional photos similar to Google maps and can view the environment at their own pace. They can also click on icons and indicators embedded in the photos to view more information about various parts of the process and learn more about the ingredients. In this way, the virtual tours serve to both educate consumers and showcase the message that every moment of the Zari craft is celebrated so that they can celebrate each and every one of their moments. Research showed that the target audience valued authenticity, quality and natural ingredients, so this execution is designed to show these attributes of Zari in a highly immersive and engaging way.